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Thanks to Mike Buckland our roving reporter.

Premier Blinds Orme Shield Round 1 fixtures to be played 8th/10th January 2019

Spot On E (T) – Belmont D (T)
Alrewas C (T) – Woodville S&S A
Burton Cons D (T) – Spot On A
Rolleston B – Belmont B
SDSC A – Tutbury D (T)
Tutbury C (T) – Swad Cons A
Rolleston C (T) – SDSC D (T)
Swad Cons C (T) – Ivanhoe B
Belmont A – Burton Cons C (T)
Stapenhill B – SDSC B
Woodville S&S B (T) – Spot On B (T)
Belmont C (T) – Burton Cons B
Ivanhoe C – Newhall A
Ivanhoe D – Tutbury A
Swad Cons B (T) – Alrewas A
Stapenhill C (T) – Stapenhill A
Spot On D – SDSC C
Burton Cons A – Ivanhoe A
Alrewas B – Tutbury B
Rolleston A – Bye

Player competitions

Crown Windows Evershed Vase Round 2 to be played by 9 Dec
Martin Hicks – Harry Farrell
Graham Stevens – Greg Britton
Martin Hurdman – Troy Randle
Andy Grainger – John Shilton
Simon Orpwood – Mick Buckland
Ant Moore – Wayne Smith
Anthony Rushton – Carl Poulton
Karl Hancox – Tim Knopic
Jack Dyche Round 2 to be played by 1 Dec
Pete Maguire – Mark Vaughan
Paul Slater – Wayne Smith
Tom Egginton – Simon Shilton
Martin Hurdman – Martin Hicks
Trevor Heath – Henry Tomas
Tony Coleman – Greg Read
David Wain – Shaun Gebbie
Nick Walker – Steve Ford
Ashby Ivanhoe Arthur Edwards Doubles Round 2 to be played by 16 Dec
Darren Coady / Troy Randle – Thom Smith / Lee Louch
Mark Press / Bobby Cliff – John Shilton / Simon Shilton
Ant Moore / Andy Marriott – Andy Grainger / Anthony Rushton
Josh Gebbie / Shaun Gebbie – Wayne Smith / Tom Lucas
Trevor Heath / Steve Gaunt – Greg Read / Bill Davidson
Paul Slater / Simon Orpwood – Carl Poulton / Mick Buckland
Steve Ford / Andy Gretton – Greg Britton / Dave Shenton
Tom Elliott / Andy Speirs – Arron Vaughan /  Owen Jobes
Billiards Quarter-Final to be played by 9 Dec
Wayne Smith – Tom Egginton
Graham Stevens -Jon Sully
Andy Gretton – Steve Ford
Pete Maguire – Thom Smith
Jason Hyde Round 2 to be played by 16 Dec
Graham Bailey – Trevor Heath
Carl Glover – Martin Hurdman
Ant Moore – Mark Press
Anthony Rushton – Martin Hicks
Simon Orpwood – Thom Smith
Zaheer Hussein – Harry Farrell
Mark Stirling – Andy Grainger
Tim Knopik – Lee Louch
Website will add the fixtures to be resolved as they complete.
Geoff, Sheila, Graham Hinsley Doubles Round 2 to be played by 23 Dec
Steve Butler / Steve Burrows – Greg Read / Bill Davidson
Andy Grainger / Ant Rushton -Trevor Heath / Steve Gaunt
Wayne Smith / Tom Lucas – Kate Stirling / Clare Peaty
Tony Coleman / Pat Ryan – Martin Hicks / Martin Hurdman
Yvonne Lawrence / Marie Bridges – Henry Tomas / Pete Maguire
Thom Smith / Lee Louch – Ant Moore / Andy Marriott
Paul Slater / Simon Orpwood – Mark Press / Bobby Cliff
Josh Gebbie / Shaun Gebbie – Mark Gallagher / Dennis Moore
Website will add the fixtures to be resolved as they complete.

Nicholas Humphreys Presidents Handicap Semi-Finals

Nicholas Humphreys Presidents Team Handicap – Premier

Belmont B – Burton Cons B
Belmont A – Ivanhoe A

Nicholas Humphreys Presidents Team Handicap – Div 1

SDSC B – Ivanhoe C
Spot On B (T) – Stapenhill A

Nicholas Humphreys Presidents Team Handicap – Div 2

Spot On E (T) – Woodville S&S A
Swad Cons C (T) – Belmont C (T)

These matches have to be arranged by the teams and be played BY 7th December..

Rearranged games

Week 2: Spot On D v Swad Cons B. Match awarded to Spot On D.


Swad Cons B: Week 2 late cancellation of match. 4pt penalty.


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