2006-07: Week 15

BURTON AND DISTRICT CLUBS SNOOKER LEAGUE Just Wood Presidents Team Handicap REPORT BY DAVE BUDWORTH This week the Just Wood Presidents Team Handicap has taken centre stage as the final eight from each division play for their place in the next round. In the Premier Division Burton Cons A visited Ivanhoe A and looked favourites on paper. George Cawkwell found it difficult to get going which is fatal in a one frame game and Mat Milnes took every opportunity offered to him. Ivanhoe’s Richard Bithell played some solid snooker to level the score at the same time as Jonathan Fletcher was mopping up the colours to beat Barry Fieldsend, although it could have gone either way until Fieldsend went in-off the final yellow. Tony Eyre showed why he’s having an excellent season and took the last off Mick Fairbrother. With the scores level at 2-2 the doubles game came into play. This was resolved in favour of the Cons as Milnes and Fletcher had all the play. Also visiting Ivanhoe to play the B team was Swad SC B. Swad’s Bill Davidson took the first off Trevor Wilson but the other table saw a frame that looked like going to Ivanhoe’s Gaz Dolman. He just required the pink but played a poor safety shot and left Phil Ball the chance of a medium length pot with the black near to the middle bag. Ball played the shot and missed by a mile but fluked it into the bottom corner and apologised before taking the easy black. This frame made all the difference to the match as Ivanhoe’s Darren Wilson played a strong frame to put one on the board against Brian Alford but Graham Measures dropped his frame giving Swad the victory. Willington A was faced with the new confidence of Swad Cons A and the scores were level after two frames. Brian Periera and Jan Pawlazyck then put the match out of the Cons reach to set up a meeting with Burton Cons. Belvedere Park A hosted Swad SC A and were probably the underdogs after losing 7-1 at the beginning of the season. The match however quickly turned to Belvedere’s favour as Alan Davies and Ryan Gilmore put the home side two up. The next frame shook Swad with Craig Keen putting Belvedere through to face Swad SC B. John Chambers took the consolation frame for Swad. Division 1 saw Tutbury A get the upper hand over stablemates Tutbury B. Dave & Steve Mabbott got the Tutters off to a flyer but Russ Banner played his ‘A’ game to give the B team a chance. This turned out to be for nothing as Dave Powell took the decider against Lee Causer. Stapenhill B ended Swad SC C’s participation in the competition. Mick Comley and Mark Parry gave the home team the advantage but Swad hit back with frames from John Davis and Steve Ayre. Stapenhill’s winning combo then took the doubles game. John Carr SBK A failed to perform at home to Stapenhill A. Paul Smith, Dave Shenton, Carl Jeffcoate and Rob Kent (33 break) gave Stapenhill a second team into the next round. Predictably Woodville WMC A finished off Drakelow A. The game to note was that won by Simon Orpwood against Mark Satchwell who also have to play each other in the ATA Evershed Vase. In Division 2 Newhall SC C found themselves birched against Swad Cons B. Chris Vernon, Alan Jowett and Bob Birch gave Swad the victory as only Gordon Smith put up a fight for Newhall. Alrewas A and Ivanhoe D looked well matched with John Sharpe and Roy Sherratt striking with the Alrewas frames and Dave Watson and Brendan Mately for Ivanhoe. In the doubles Alrewas finally threw in the towel on the competition as Ivanhoe picked up the winner. John Carr SBK B only showed up with two players and handed an easy victory to Swad SC E. Swad SC F whitewashed Swad Cons C and now looks forward to a harder encounter with league rivals Ivanhoe D. In Division 3 John Carr SBK D played to their usual standard and defeated Rolleston C. Gary Chambers made up his loss last week and took the winner against Anthony Rushton. Rolleston D produced the third whitewash of the week to Woodville S&S A. Gary Mayne, Adam Farington, Dean Parker and Paul Fox guaranteeing a place against Swad Cons D who took the doubles decider against Stapenhill C. Willington B was also forced to a final frame decider with Rolleston B and emerged winners after Lee Cooke and Kevin Bradley finished off John Ward and Joe Docksey. Competition Draw Just Wood Presidents Team Handicap. Round 3 to be played on Mon 19th Feb 2007. Burton Cons A v Willington A Swad SC B v Belvedere Park A Stapenhill A v Tutbury A Woodville WMC A v Stapenhill B Swad SC E v Swad Cons B Ivanhoe D v Swad SC F Willington B v John Carr D Rolleston D v Swad Cons D Arthur Edwards (ToolCrew) Doubles. Semi-final to be played on Wed 28th Feb 2007 J. Fletcher / M. Milnes (1) v T. Knopik / J. Sheriff (12) D. Lester / R. Gilmore (12) v N. Townsend / J. Davis (9)