2006-07: Week 8

Belvedere Park A have continued their charge and have been rewarded with top spot in the Just Wood Premier Division. They played at home against Spot On A and were pleased with the final score as most frames went down to the final colours. Spot On’s Andy Jenkins prevented the whitewash with a 25 clearance in his second frame but the highlight was Ryan Gilmore’s 44 break in his defeat of Steve Gaunt. Burton Cons A knew they were in a tough match when they faced Newhall A. The scores were level at the half way stage thanks to Mick Simpkins & Steve Wilson leaving two difficult games that could go either way. The Cons edged ahead as Mat Milnes with a 33 break took both off Fran McNulty. Jonathan Fletcher then secured the win with a 51 break in his first frame and thought he’d done enough in the second when he was 30 ahead but Martin Hicks showed his quality with a 52 break to close out the frame. Swad SC A hosted Rolleston A and won 3 frames out of each half of the draw to keep the trophy hunt a three horse race. Swad Cons A turned up to Ivanhoe A and were yet again a player short. As the frames went in Swad’s favour Ivanhoe were happy to accept the 2 free frames and the draw. Swad Cons are a better side than their league position suggests and need to stop giving away these easy points. Ivanhoe B are the sixth team to defeat an under strength Belmont A. Gaz Dolman & Trevor Wilson shared with Ian Archer & Steve Burton respectively but Graham Measures & Darren Wilson punished Belmont’s stand in players John & Andy Straw. Willington A got the better of Burton Cons B in the final game between Bill Stewart & Shaun Golding. This gave Bill his first win of the season and keeps Willington in with a chance of lifting themselves out of the relegation zone. In Presidents Division 1 Woodville WMC A slumped to their first defeat at the hands of Belvedere Park B. Simon Smith’s 37 break shared the frames with Tim Knopik but it was Chris Gould’s 2 frames over Phil Wright that made Belvedere the better side on the night. John Carr A chalked up win number three against Belmont B. At 3-3 Belmont’s floating player Glyn Holland was unable to take any frames from Dave Plunkett and Belmont drop from 3rd to 6th. Ivanhoe C put Drakelow A to the bottom of the table with frames from Steve Cockeram (36 break), Warner Collins & Tony Davey. It was the improving Simon Orpwood that won Drakelow’s two, hitting a 31 in the process. Burton Cons C proved too strong for Swad SC D and is just waiting for the teams above them to fail. Then with games in hand should be in the promotion hunt. Tutbury A put in a stella performance at home to Stapenhill B. Dave & Steve Mabbott set the ball rolling in the right direction with the first frame including a 31 break for Steve and both frames for Dave. Dave Powell took his two and on table 2 saw Brian Holmes loose his first to Mark Parry. The ‘crafty golden oldie’ then showed his grit taking the last by clearing from the brown. Stapenhill A claimed a tight match against Tutbury B. Paul Smith was the only player to take two in an otherwise drawn match. In Furniture King Division 2 Measham WMC A lost to Swad SC F. This has to be a major set back for Measham who were tipped for the top at the beginning of the season. This means Swad F and Ivanhoe D, who also had a good win against Swad Cons C, are favourites to battle it out for top dog. Burton Cons D got off the mark with their first win against Alrewas B. Man of the match was Callum Finnegan who took both as all others drew. In David Wain Insurance Division 3 John Carr D have regained their position at the top by beating Willington B. Martin Beard maintained his 100% as he took both off the luckless Lee Cooke. Mark King also enjoyed a win and Gary Chambers secured the win on the last frame. Newhall D took their first win in style with a mauling of John Carr C. Steve Atkin took the only point for John Carr with a fluked black. Gaz Ward finally hit some form and took all his frames off Woodville S&S A’s skipper Greg Nicholl to give Belmont C a win. Competition Draw Orme Shield (PinXit) prelim round to be played on Monday 20th November. Newhall A v Woodville WMC A Orme Shield (PinXit) Qtr Final to be played on Monday 27th November. Burton Cons A v Belvedere Park A, Swad SC A v Swad SC F, Spot On A v Belmont B, Swad SC B v winner of prelim match Evershed Vase (ATA) prelim round (best of 3) to be played by 26th November J. Fletcher (1) v T. Knopik (12), M. Sherratt (9) v J. Sherriff (12), M. Morgan (9) v M. Satchwell (11) Jason Hyde prelim round (best of 3) to be played by 3rd December A Vaughan R39 (7) v Z. Hussain R18 (1), R. Jeffcoate R38 (5) v M. Morris R18 (8), T. Knopik R28 (12) v C. Jeffcoate R28 (5), Craig Keen R2 (12) v R. Kent R24 (5), M. Sherratt Scr (9) v J. Sherriff R29 (12), S. Bamford R24 (5) v G. Read R28 (2), C. Finnegan R40 (1) v S. Smith R16 (11), B. Alford R23 (1) v R. Gilmore R4 (12), M. Morgan R16 (9) v T. Hodgkinson R22 (1), T. Eggington R25 (1) v M. Satchwell R9 (11) D. Lester R4 (12) v L. Sherratt R21 (4) Arthur Edwards (Toolcrew) prelim round (best of 3) to be played by 31st December N. Townsend / J. Davis (9) v R. Kent / G. Britton (5), P. Twigg / M. Vaughan (7) v J. Chambers / R Chambers (9), Z. Hussain / A. Khan (1) v J. Fletcher / M. Milnes (1), F. McNulty / M. Hicks (4) v A. Orpwood / T. Coleman (13), L. Sherratt / S. Wilson v D. Lester / R. Gilmore Geoff & Sheila Hinsley (Toolcrew) prelim round (best of 3) to be played by 31st December S. Burton / R. Goldby R16 (7) v P. Finnegan / C. Finnegan R34 (1), R. Jeffcoate / S. Bamford R30 (5) v N. Townsend / J. Davis R6 (9), G. Read / R. Walker R27 (2) v D. Lester / R. Gilmore R4 (12), M. Vaughan / A. Vaughan R25 (7) v R. Kent / G. Britton R22 (5), M. Hadley / S. Mansfield R24 (9) v D. Budworth / B. Alford R19 (9) Jack Dyche Qtr Final (best of 3) to be played by 31st December A. Davies (12) v D. Powell (2), B. Alford (1) v P. Smith (5), D. Wain (4) v R. Plummer (1), T. Eggington (1) v J. Ellis (1)