2007-08: Week 3

BURTON AND DISTRICT SNOOKER LEAGUE REPORT BY MICK HICKEBOTTOM We are a few results short this week due to postal problems but there are still matches to report on and none more so than a good home win by Belmont Club ‘A’ last week when playing host to Rolleston ‘A’. Shaun Gebbie took the man of the match taking two frames off Tony Rushton and he did it with a modest in size but impressive in quality break of 31, developing safe balls at crucial times. Belmont was already 4-0 with frames from Ian Archer who had already knocked in a 31 and Kev Elkin back in the fold. It was left to Rolleston’s Danny Thompson to make sure his team did not leave empty handed and he did it by taking the last two frames off John Straw. Its been a few years since a team called Woodville Working Mens Club were in the top flight but when the club pulled out the league it was great to see a young side start up again 3 or 4 years ago, and of course they started in the lowest division and have been promoted every season till they got to the top and now they have to make their mark in the premiership and if they could ever take the title the old players at the club would be so proud. Last week they played host to the newly formed team of Swadlincote Snooker Centre ‘A’. Mark Satchwell was on top in both frames against Steve Ayre and he compiled breaks of 34 and 42. Martin Smith then drew with Chris Dewey for Woodville to be 3-1 up at the halfway. Graham Bailey was then able to hold the talents of Neil Townsend to a draw. However Simon Smith has taken to the top flight with ease taking both of John Davis for a good 6-2 win. Burton Cons ‘A’ got their first win under their belts with a home win against Willington ‘A’. All credit goes to Matt Milnes and Stuart Roberts who took all their frames convincingly. Jan Prewlazyck took one for Willington by taking the second frame off Mick Simpkins. Man of the match for Willington though was Gary Barker who played an excellent match against John Fletcher. In the first both were missing shots and Fletcher was to strong at the end. In the second Barker was commanding always having Fletcher on his back foot forcing him to take shots on to try and get back in the frame and when missing leaving Barker to finish it. Anyway a 6-2 win is a great start for one of the possible favourites. In the First Division Swad Snooker Cen ‘C’ was at home to the in form Belmont ‘B’ and it saw Adam Harrison and Lee Wright play some cracking snooker to take all frames off brothers Paul Twigg and Mark Vaughan. Swad were unable to clinch the win though as Pete Birkin potted really well to take both off Pete Maguire Snr and Andy Straw won both his on two black ball frames against Pete Maguire Jnr for the draw. Stapenhill ‘A’ at home to Alrewas British Legion ‘A’ saw Paul Smith be the man of the match he took the only two frames of the night when playing Roy Sherratt. He also knocked in a 32 break to cap it. The two frames gave his team the needed win. Belmont ‘C’ were at home to Burton Cons ‘C’ and it all ended square with Steve Hathaway taking two for Cons and Paul Boyle taking two for Belmont. The other matches were drawn. In the second division John Carr ‘C’ look a really good side on paper but were held at home to a draw by old faithfuls Swad Snk Cen ‘E’. Mick Baxter put the home side on their way with a 2 frame win over Brian Bloor but on the other table Mark King lost two to Garton Bloor. Frame 3 saw Rizzy Akhtar level with Andrew Bloor even with Bloor knocking in a 29 break in the first and a 28 in the second. It just left top flight player Gary Chambers for John Carr to play Rob McNulty and frames were even. In the third division Burton Cons ‘D’ had their first home defeat and it was at the hands of Belmont ‘D’ with the visitors hero being Gaz Ward who too both frames off Trevor Hayes. It was the only 2 frame victory of the night with all others drawing. Swadlincote Snk Cen ‘G’ record yet another win in this division when away at Newhall Social Club ‘D’. The impressive Curtis Marston got another 2 frames when playing Dave Jackson but Gordon Smith fought back on the other table taking both off Ben Meredith. The match went Swads way with two frames off Daniel Goodhead and one from Jez Ironside and this young newly formed Swad side could do well in this division.