2011-12: Week 15

In the Just Wood Premier Division, SDSC A did very well to beat Belmont A 5-3, and they also dented their chances of finishing as runners up.  Andy Goldingay, SDSC player of the season so far, did the business again, earning them victory against Mark Press.  In the first frame Andy knocked in a 36 break, and in the second frame, he made a 27 clearance to win the frame.  Chris Dewey and Shaun Gebbie battled out two close frames for a share of the spoils.  Steve Ayre did well to take the first frame off Sturmy Archer, and Sturmy replied with a well compiled break of 44.  For Belmont, Graham Bailey took a frame off John Davis, but it was already too late.

A good win for Newhall A against Ivanhoe B 7-1.  Mark Satchwell was in tremendous form against John Skellett, beating him fairly comfortably with  breaks of 38, 36 and 34.  For Ivanhoe, Stuart Tagg played very well to take a frame off Newhall’s captain, Fran McNulty, but Fran took a frame with the help of a 35 break.  Wayne Brewin, Newhall’s mister consistent, had no problem in taking both frames off Brendon Mattley.  Adam McInulty also won against Jason Pickering, although this match could have gone either way.

Rileys A had a good win 5-3 at home to Willington B, and captain, Zaheer, was their top player, taking both frames off Steve Gaunt, to give them a well deserved victory.  Martin Riddel and John Hardy played out two excellent frames of snooker, which ended in a draw.  Michael Lomas and Andy Jenkins also ended in a draw in a match which could have gone either way.  The talented Michael Dewsbury potted very well in the first frame against Tony Clements.  In the second frame, Tony played with a little bit more safety play, and easily won the second.

Belmont B had an excellent win against SDSC B 6-2.  Rich Goldby dominated the first frame against Simon Orpwood, but slipped up and allowed Simon to steal it  after he had potted a superb blue then the pink to finish perfectly on the black.  Rich completely dominated the second frame with some wonderful pots.  For Belmont, Miffa Smith was in excellent form in beating Garton Bloor.  In the first frame, Miffa never missed a pot, but in the second frame, both players had chances, and it was down to Miffa fluking frame ball.  Although ArronVaughan played well in the first frame, Brian Bloor managed to keep up with Arron to the black.  Brian had the first opportunity and missed, and Arron potted the black.  Arron Vaughan, although not playing as well as in the first frame, won the second frame with ease.  Michael Morris, the youngest player in the Belmont team, did very well to hold Andy Bloor to a draw.

Burton Cons suffered their first defeat of the season away to Willington A 5-3.  John Shilton got the Cons off to a flying start by beating Bull Stewart with breaks of 57 and 48.  Jan Pawlazyck and Owen Jones shared their frames.  Wayne Peirera’s majestic potting and solid play left Jonathan Fletcher struggling for one of the few times this season.  The match could have gone either  way, but it went to the Power Men thanks to Gary Barker beating Matt Milnes in two tight frames.

In the David Wain Insurance Division 1, Mark Sherratt of Belmont C was in tremendous form against the unlucky Mark Baxter of Drakelow.  Mark Sherratt started off with a 26 break, then followed it up with a superb 83 break with the cue ball being very dominate around the black spot.  The break broke down when he tried to pot the pink into the middle bag.  The 83 break by Mark beat the previous highest break in that division by just one point, which was also held by Mark.  In the second frame, Mark Baxter tried to contain Mark Sherratt, but to no avail, as he again made breaks of 38 and 26.  These two frames were completed within 30 minutes.  Lee Turner for Belmont, beat an out of sorts Alan Orpwood, although, in the second frame Turner needed to pot pink and black to win, which he duly did.  Paul Eaton, with the help of a 25 clearance, managed to wrestle the frame off Pat Ryan.  In the second frame, Ryan needed snookers on the brown.  Tony Coleman for Drakelow, beat Richard Davis with the help of an in-off on black in the second frame.  Belmont beat Drakelow 6-2 to leave them struggling at the bottom.

A good win for Ivanhoe C at home to Rileys B 6-2.  This win puts Ivanhoe into second place above Rileys C.  Ivanhoe got off to a good start  thanks to Gaz Dolman, who took booth frames off the unlucky Adam Bridges, and on the other table, Steve Cockeram and Mark King had two very entertaining frames which ended level.  Captain, Graham Measures, who was playing some exceptional snooker to beat Ade Harper, and giving the Ivanhoe boys victory.  Darren Wilson drew with Andy Speirs in two close frames.  A good win for Burton Cons D against SDSC D 5-3, keeps them just above the relegation zone.  Mick Buckland played some good snooker, to beat Lee Sherratt, and Jimbo Jennings took his normal one frame, this time against Rob Press.  For SDSC, Adey McDonnell, playing his first frames of the season, did well to beat Steve Castledine.  Cons Paul Davies was their star player, taking both close frames off David Wain for the Cons victory.

Table toppers, Rileys D, struggled to beat Rolleston A 5-3.  It was thanks to Mike Flanagan who took both frames off Bob Tubey, with the help of a 39 break.  Steve Brimley, in his drawn match with Bob Sanders, knocked in a 28 break.  In another tight match, which could have gone either way between Mick Tonks and Kev Norris, ended up all square.  Mark Stirling and Tony Rushton also drew.

SDSC C beat Burton Cons C 7-1.  It was thanks to Gary Wood for taking a frame off Harry Farrell, to prevent a whitewash.  Harry was unlucky to drop the frame as he went in off the black.  Harry certainly seems to be a player to watch out for in the future, as he is only 12 years old.  Adam Harrison against Paul Brooks, played good snooker , and got some excellent long pots.  There were two close frames between Henry Tomas and Ian Protheroe, but Henry’s safety play was just too good for Ian.  Ben Davies took both frames off Nigel Brooks with a bit to spare.

The match result between Burton Cons B and Ivanhoedof a 6-2 victory to the Cons does not reflect on how close the match was, as 5 out of 8 frames were decided either on the pink or black.  The Cons got off to the perfect start thanks to David Plunkett beating Barry Fieldsend.  In the first frame, Plunkett won it fairly comfortably, but in the second after David Plunkett missed an easy blue, Barry Fieldsend did not take full advantage, and David Plunkett won it on the black.  Two close frames between David Shipton and George Cawkwell, ended with David Shipton winning the first on the black after beating 30 points behind, and the second on the pink.  The other two matches were drawn.  James Hart was potting well in the first, but the experienced Jack Bale, with the help of some excellent long putting, won the second frame.  Warner Collins took the first frame against Tom Egginton on the last red.  Egginton won the second yet again on a pink ball.

Woodville A’s win 5-3 against Stapenhill B has done their survival in the division a power of good.  Andy Grainger and John Richardson drew their match in two close frames.  Man of the match for Woodville was Lee Wood, who took both frames off Colin Britton.  Paul Slater drew with Barry Waller, and Stapenhill’s Stan Piechowist did well to take a frame off Colin Brown.

In the Rileys Division, Alrewas C pulled out a good result against Newhall B, winning 5-3.  This was, in main, due to Karl Hancox showing his class against Carl Glover, and Colin Wood’s grit and determination against Jonny Howlett, giving them the perfect start of 4-0 up at the turn.  For Newhall, Joe McInulty managed to pull back two frames against Gary Bower, but Alrewas stalwart, Rob McMeecham, got the draw against Jay Haywood, to give Alrewas a hard earned victory.

The difference between SDSC E and Swad Cons B was Tony Mitchell, who took both frames off Pete Fearn, to give SDSC victory 5-3.  Ray Stretton beat John Griffin fairly comfortably in the first frame, only for Griffin to do the same in the second.  Phil Maddocks and Jon Petcher drew their match, and also the other match between Ray Bancroft and Kev Starkey.

In the match between Swad Cons C and Alrewas A, the match was drawn which was not an unexpected result, as the teams are second and third in the league respectively.  The first match was between Cons Craig Wilson and Alan Wilson.  The match was drawn, but Alan Wilson knocked in a 34 break to win his frame.  Match of the day was between second and first in the divisional averages.  Bob Birch for the Cons and Phil Marklew for Alrewas.  It was Phil of Alrewas who maintained his 100% record by beating Bob Birch in two well contested frames.  Marklew made breaks of 35 and 30.  Colin Cope did a similar job on Alrewas’ captain John Sharpe, and the other match was drawn between Matt Newbold and Will Sharrett.

A good win for Swad Cons D away to Alrewas B, they won 3-5.  In the first frame, Tom Smith was in good potting form, knocking in an excellent 45 break, but in the second frame, Gaz Ward changed his strategy and comfortably won the second.  Brian Aldridge was unfortunate to find Scott Gee in good form, taking both frames.  For the Cons, Nigel Duggins was in good form, missing very little against John HIll.  Brian Eccleston did a similar job for Alrewas on David Bodie.

In the match between Woodville B and Belmont D, a close game was expected – how wrong can you be?!  Woodville won 7-1, and it was down to Terry Bosworth to prevent the whitewash which he did in some style, with a break of 41.

Woodville C lost at home to Willington C 1-7, and the one frame was won by Ben Woodward against Steve Lane.