2011-12: Week 29

In the David Wain Insurance Division 1, Rileys D are back on form and very close to being crowned champions of this division after beating Ivanhoe D away 6-2, which leaves Ivanhoe D battling to stay in the division. Rileys got off to an ideal start, with Mike Flanagan taking both frames off Jason Collins, with some very good potting and safety play then Mark Stirling, who also played well beating Tim Bale to put Rileys 4-0 up at the turn. Mick Tonks drew with the experienced Warner Collins to give Rileys the victory, and Richie Foster also drew with Barry Fieldsend. The third relegation position is down to Ivanhoe D or Woodville A, as we come to the final matches of the season.

Stapenhill B have ensured that they are staying in this division next season by beating Burton Cons D 6-2. John Richardson gave Stapenhill a good start by taking both frames off the wily Jim Jennings. Bryan Sharratt and Paul Davies drew in two rather messy frames. By all accounts, the star player for Stapenhill was Stan Piechowicz, who was back to something like his old form, potting anything that moved, in taking both frames off Ian Shrive. Colin Britton and Mick Buckland shared two entertaining frames.

Burton Cons B dented Rolleston A’s promotion hopes by beating them 5-3. Thanks to Dave Shipton, who was in excellent form, taking both frames off Andy Sharples. Simon Smith and |Bob Tubey drew, leaving the Cons 3-1 up at the turn. Captain, Dave Plunkett, drew with Bob Sanders, and so it was left to Jason Anguish to get the one frame for victory, by drawing with the talented Tony Rushton. I think that they missed the experienced Kev Norris.

Congratulations to Burton Cons C player, Nathan Brooks who won his first two frames of the season against Mark Baxter, who played quite well but Nathan, who is only 14 years of age, played that little bit better on the pressure shots. Burton Cons C lost at home to Drakelow 5-3. Ian Protheroe was again finding a bit of form, drawing with Alan Orpwood. Geoff Wood lost both frames to Tony Coleman on the pink and black respectively. Pat Ryan, for Drakelow, was again playing well, and took both close frames against Paul Brooks.

Woodville A are doing their best to fight off relegation with a hard fought win against middle of the table opposition, SDSC D 5-3. Andy Grainger and Lee Sherratt drew two evenly matched frames with some good pots by both players. For Woodville, Chris Brown played very well to take a well deserved frame off Ady McDonnell. Lee Wood played very well in the first frame to win it against Ryan Gilmore. In their second frame, Ryan stepped up a gear, and showed what a talented player he can be. Paul Slater was Woodville’s star player, winning both frames against Rob Press, with some good potting and excellent safety play for a Woodville victory.

A drawn match between SDSC C and Belmont C was the last result either team wanted if they are going to get the third promotion slot. All the frames in this match were drawn. Adam Harrison again played well, but the draw with Paul Eaton was a fair outcome. Peter Maguire was in excellent form in the second frame, potting some superb balls after Kev Ramsell had taken the first frame. Lee Wright and Richard Davies shared two particularly scrappy frames. It was left to either Henry Tomas and Lee Turner to win both frames for their sides winner, but they drew an honourable draw.

In the Rileys Division 2, champions Alrewas D , nicknamed the ‘Raptors,’ again showed their ruthlessness, hammering Rolleston B 1-7 away. Rolleston got off to a reasonable start with Neil Cheadle taking a well earned frame of Colin Kinsella. After that it was one way traffic. Dave ‘Fiery Fred’ Trueman took both frames off Lee Cooke. One of the winning frames including a 24 break. Colin ‘The Potinator’ was again in excellent form with some very good pots, which included a 22 break against Aaron Doyle. Apparently, Aaron tried out four different cues to try and help his cause, but failed. Ian Hiley was very lucky to win his first frame against John Ward, who did not have the best of running, but Ian made no mistake in the second frame.

Alrewas A have confirmed the runners up position by beating Belmont D away 3-5. Alrewas got off to quite a good start, thanks to Will Sherratt, taking both frames off the out of sorts Josh Gebbie, then John Sharpe, playing well, drew with Terry Bosworth. Belmont’s Brian Cutting, was in superb form, taking a frame off the very talented Phil Marklew. For Alrewas, Roy Sherratt got the frame they required for victory, drawing with Dave Press.

A rather surprising result was Newhall B defeated to SDSC E 3-5. The defeat will have put any hopes that Newhall had of getting a final promotional slot in grave doubt. For SDSC E, Any Jefferies was in cracking form, taking both frames off Jay Haywood. Ray Stretton then took both frames off Jonny Howlett, to give SDSC the perfect start. Callum Gray started Newhall’s fightback by taking two comfortable frames off Ray Bancroft. Phil Maddocks got the frame for victory against Carl Glover.

Another good win for one of the form teams in the Rileys division, it is another Alrewas team, in fact it is Alrewas C who thrashed Swad Cons B 8-0. Alrewas’ cause was made easier by Swad Cons turning up with only three players. Karl Hancox was again in good form, taking both frames off Dan Petcher. Nigel Edwards was also playing some good snooker, beating John Griffin, which included a 26 break. Colin Wood won two scrappy frames against Pete Fearn.

Swad Cons D did well beating Woodville C 6-2, thanks to skipper Dave Bodie beating Jim Gardner. Dave, after a rather shaky start, potted some very good balls. Scott Gee and Bob McInulty, a name from the past, drew two close frames. Marc Egan and Ben Woodward had a great first frame. Marc at one time, was forty behind, but clawed his way back into the match, only to lose on the black. Marc played well in the second frame, to win it. Apparently, Marc has a liking for Jeff Bourne’s meat pies! Gaz Ward won both frames against Alan Shuttleworth, playing very well in the first. Poor Alan, for Woodville, could do nothing right in the second frame, going in off the black three times. Gaz finished off the frame with a superb 28 break.

Swad Cons C have put a bit of a dent in Woodville B’s promotion hopes, beating them 5-3 at Woodville. Trevor Heath surprisingly lost both frames to Vince Draper, as Trevor had made a 36 break in one of the frames. Bill Davidson pulled the scores level by easily beating Craig Wilson. Two very close frames were shared between Dave Budworth and Bob Birch. Unfortunately for Woodville, Brian Alford could not save the day, as he has on numerous occasions, he lost both frames to Matt Newbold.

Alrewas B drew with Willington C. Brian Aldridge and Tony Trueman drew their matches against Steve Lane and Darren Harris respectively. For Alrewas, Tom Smith was on top form against Taylor Richardson, winning both frames. Steve Butterworth then took both frames off Brian Eccelston for a draw.

In the Just Wood Premier Division, Ivanhoe A have finished their season, beating SDSC A 5-3 away. Ivanhoe have had an extremely good second half of the season. If they had played like that all season, they would have given Burton Cons and Newhall A a good run for their money. In this match, they just got the better of SDSC in a tight match. Steve Ayre got SDSC off to a flying start, taking both frames off the ‘in form’ Andy Marriott. Ian Rennocks and Andy Goldingay drew in a very high quality match with some excellent safety play and pots. Ivanhoe’s captain, Michael Kirk, overcame late substitute Mick Carnell, with some steady play. In their final match of the season, Antony Moore, stealing a gruelling match, by beating Chris Dewey.

A good win for Tutbury A against a top six team, Willington A, 6-2. Craig Keen, acting captain, got the team off to a good start, punishing Jan’s early mistakes and taking both frames. Craig made a 37 break, which helped his cause. Paul Atterbury and Bill Stewart shared their frames, leaving Tutbury 3-1 up at the turn. Daz Lester and Gary Barker shared the honours in two edgy frames, with Daz having the befit of some good pots in the first frame. A late rally by Gary in the second frame, earned him a draw. Tutbury’s star man was Joe Docksey playing in the Premier Division for the first time, he showed great maturity and skill for somebody with little or no exposure at this level. Winning both frames against Wayne Piera and also making a 25 break, he is obviously one for the future.

Rileys A 5-3 win against relegated Stapenhill A, just about secures their future in the Premier Division for next season. Michael Lomas and Tim Knopik shared two good frames of snooker. Martin Riddell has found some form of late, and it continued as he defeated Chris Gould fairly easily. Stapenhill’s Steve Ford, got them back into the match by beating Michael Dewsbury, with the help of a good 34 break. Rileys captain, Zaheer, earned them victory by taking both frames off Andy Tomlinson in two close frames.

A very good win for Ivanhoe B 5-3 against Belmont B keep their relegation hopes alive. The match was very close with the final result difficult to call. Jason Pickering was in excellent form in the first frame, knocking in an impressive 31 break. In the second frame, Mick Morris came close to pinching it, but Jason hung on. Belmont’s Arron Vaughan played very well in both frames to easily beat Stuart Tagg, so at the halfway stage, the score was 2-2. John Skellett’s rich vein of good form continued, this time taking both frames off Miffa Smith. John has won fourteen out of his last sixteen frames – where was he at the beginning of the season? He also, made a 34 break. Brendon Mattley and Mark Vaughan battled it out for a well earned draw, which gave Ivanhoe victory, and keeps alive their hopes of staying in the Premier Division.

An impressive win for Tutbury B away to Willington B 5-3. Dave McWhinney and Dave Powell shared their match. Tutters Chris Mabbott was the top man, taking both frames off John Hardy, which included a 37 break. Steve Gaunt and Steve Hathaway drew two scrappy frames. Tony Clements and Dave Mabbott also drew with Dave making a 31 break.