2011-12: Week 6

Snooker Report – Week 6

In the Premier Division, Newhall ‘A’ are showing they mean business this season by thrashing Rileys ‘A’ 7-1 at home.  As in the previous weeks the McNulty brothers got them off to an ideal start, by winning the first 4 frames with Adam beating Zaheer with some ease.  Fran, who has yet to drop a frame this season, dealt with Michael Dewsbury quite comfortably, and in the process made another 30 plus break this season.  Michael Lomas also went the way of his other Rileys colleagues despite making a 30 break, this was counteracted by Mark Satchwell who knocked in an excellent 32 break.  Wayne Brewin and Martin Ridell drew their match, preventing a Newhall whitewash.

In the inter club derby between SDSC ‘A’ and ‘B’ teams, the ‘B’ team have the bragging rites, winning 5-3.  The star player for the ‘B’ team was Andy Bloor who took both frames off Stevie Ayre in a closely fought match.  In the game between Simon Orpwood and Andy Goldingay, which ended level, Simon made a 47 clearance to win his frame.  All other matches were drawn.

Another team that is pushing Burton Cons and Newhall for the title is Ivanhoe ‘A’ who did a demolition job on Belmont ‘B’ winning 0-8 away.  Antony Moore made a classy 59 break, and could have been more as his game was made up of some excellent potting and good cue ball control against Arron Vaughan.  Arron’s father, Mark, could do little better against Michael Kirk, losing a tight first frame on the pink, and in the 2nd frame, Kirk knocked in a 32 break.  Andy Marriott beat Mick Morris 2-0 with the help of a 30 break.  Ian Rennocks did a similar job on Miffa Smith.  It is a good thing that we now have genuine contenders to Burton Cons throne.

The Tutters had an excellent away 3-5 win to Willington ‘A’ thanks to Steve Mabbott taking both frames off John Brentnall and also Chris Mabbott, drawing with Bill Stewart.  The Tutter’s captain, Dave “Silver Fox” Powell ensured a win with a draw against David Hayman, although Hayman potted an excellent pink to win his frame.  Dave Mabbott and Wayne Piera played out a drawn match with Dave making a 33 break to win his frame.

Another good win for Belmont ‘A’ away to Ivanhoe ‘B’ 2-6.  Ian Archer, as usual was on top form against Brendon Mattley winning fairly easily, and making breaks of 40 and 33.  Shaun Gebbie apparently is rolling back the years with regards to the quality of snooker he is currently playing to which Stuart Tagg would agree after losing both frames to Shaun.  Mark Press was also in good form beating John Skellett 2-0 which included a 35 break.  Current rumour going around Belmont is that I Archer, M Press and S Gebbie must have bad backs as they have been carrying Graham Bailey!  Unfortunately, Graham is not really having any good luck at the moment as Jason Pickering of Ivanhoe would testify.

Tutbury ‘A’ lost at home 3-5 to Willington ‘B’ thanks to Tony Clements taking both frames off Paul Atterbury.

In David Wain’s division, Drakelow, who are struggling this season, felt that the power of Rileys ‘B’ losing 6-2, whilst Drakelow got off to a good start thanks to Mark Baxter, who easily won his first frame against Adam Bridges, but was extremely lucky to win his 2nd frame with the unfortunately Bridges going in off the black.  Mark King and Pat Ryan’s game in the first frame was extremely close with Pat Ryan having the opportunity to pot the pink for the frame but unfortunately, missed leaving Mark the chance to pot pink and black.  In the second frame King ran away the comfortable winner.  The same can be said for Ade Harper and Andy Speirs, this team are definitely in a false league position at the moment.

Rileys ‘C’ are also pushing for the promotion slot with a 6-2 victory at home to the experienced Ivanhoe ‘D.’  Paul Fox did his averages no harm by beating Warner Collins.  In a close fought match Gary Mayne and John Bale ended up level.  Jason Hall played extremely well to take both frames off the experienced George Cawkwell.  Adam Farrington and Tim Bale fought out an evenly contested draw.

In the game between Woodville ‘A’ and Burton Cons ‘B,’ the Cons showed their class by thumping their opponents 1-7.  It all started well for Woodville, when the talented Andrew Grainger took the first frame off David Shipton.  Shipton took an early lead with some good long pots, but Andrew gradually clawed his way back into the frame, after Shipton missed opportunities on the brown and blue, Grainger won the frame on the pink.  The second frame, Grainger made a great start with a 33 break, but this time, Shipton made the great comeback with the help of small breaks to win the frame on the colours.  Jason Anguish, who has only recently started playing again after an absence of 18 years, took both frames off Mark Hadley, and playing as if he had not had a break.  David Plunkett with some steady potting, took both frames against Simon Mansfield.

Stapenhill ‘B’ scrapped home against Burton ‘C’ thanks to John Richardson taking both frames off Greg Wood.  The family Piecowicz got creditable draws against Gordon Jennings and Ian Protheroe.

In the top of the table clash, Ivanhoe ‘C’ dented Rileys ‘D’ promotion ambitions by beating them 6-2.  Star players for Ivanhoe were Daz Wilson, taking both frames off Micky Tonks, and Steve Cockeram playing exceptionally well to take both frames off Mike Flanagan, and there is not many players who have done that.

In another inter club derby between SDSC ‘D’ and SDSC ‘C’ it was the ‘C’ team who came away with the bragging rites 2-6.  Adam Harrison, surprisingly took both frames off Ryan Gilmore, who has the habit of playing in his flip flops.  Ryan made a 28 break and still lost the frame.  Lee Wright helped to give the ‘C’ team the perfect start by winning both frames against Henry Callton.  For the ‘D’ team, Alex Read and David Wain made the score respectable by taking a frame each from Ben Davies and Henry Tomas respectively. 

Burton Cons ‘D’ and Belmont ‘C’ battled out a draw. Two frames each for the Cons Mick Buckland and Ian Shrive while Lee Turner and Paul Eaton for took two each for Belmont.

In the Rileys division, Alrewas ‘D’ are starting to set the pace for a promotion push, as they beat Willington 7-1.  Ian Hiley lost the first frame to Loz Kenelson, but after that, Alrewas won the next 7 frames.  The score does not reflect that some of the games where close.

Belmont ‘D’ took on local rivals Swad Cons ‘D’ and everybody went home happy as the match was drawn.  Terry Bosworth played out a drawn match with Scott Gee.  For the Cons, Nigel Duggins, who made a 29 break, could still only draw with up and coming snooker player, Josh Gebbie.  Dave Press, with a little bit of good fortune and good safety play beat Dave Bodie.

Another drawn game between Rolleston ‘B’ and Swad Cons ‘B’. For Rolleston, Neil Cheadle and Lee Cooke won all of their frames, for the Cons it was John Griffin and Dan Petcher.

Tutbury ‘C’ lost at home to Newhall ‘B’ 2-6.  It was mainly down to the McNulty family, Luke and Joe, who, between them, won 3 of the frames, and Callum Gray also got 2 frames.  Mark Storr for Tutbury, did well to take a frame off Jonny Howlett.

Yet another draw in this division between Swad Cons ‘C’ and Woodville ‘C.’  For the Cons, Colin Cope made a 25 break in winning both frames against the unlucky Terry Eyley.  Ricky Watson and Alan Shuttleworth battled it out for a draw.  For Woodville, James Gardner showed his potting and safety skills against Kieran Dadley, to win both frames.  Woodville’s captain, Luke Hudson, drew with Craig Wilson.

Woodville ‘B’ won against Alrewas ‘C’ 6-2, but apparently the score is not a true reflection of the match.  Trevor ‘Hit Man’ Heath took both frames off Alrewas newcomer Nigel Edwards.  David Budworth won two very close frames against Colin Wood only winning the second frame on the black.  Karl Hancox for Alrewas took both frames off Bill Davidson fairly easily.  It was left to the ‘old warrior’ Brian Alford to earn Woodville victory by beating Rob McMeecham both frames on the pink.