2014-15: Week 20

Owen Jones writes for the Just Wood Premier Division.
Ivanhoe A suffered a rare home defeat as they went down 5-3 to Tutbury A. Chris Mabbott and Steve Hathaway got the visitors off to a flying start as Mabbott took the first frame from Andy Marriott with some great potting. The Ivanhoe player came back well to square it up. Hathaway won both frames against Ian Rennocks with some steady potting to put the visitors 3-1 up. Dave Mabbott won the first frame against Mick Kirk and brother Steve Mabbott also took the first frame against Daniel Blunn to clinch the 5 frames needed for the win. The victory was the first that Tutbury had claimed against Ivanhoe for some time so they left the venue very pleased.
Stapenhill A welcomed Willington A and both teams duly played out a hard fought draw. Daz Lester won both frames for the visitors against Chris Sheldrake. Steve Ford responded for the hosts as he won both frames against Bill Stewart. The other games turned out to be draws as Andy Gretton drew with Dean Johnston and Dave Shenton shared the frames with Jan Pawlazych.
Belmont A picked up a 6-2 victory against Swadlincote Snooker Centre A. Wayne Brewin won both frames against John Davis and Ian Archer did the same against Mark Satchwell. Fran McInulty shared the frames with Andy Goldingay and finally Shaun Gebbie drew with Chris Dewey to complete the scoring.
Burton Cons A hosted Belmont B and won 7-1 but the match could have been a lot closer. Owen Jones was first up against Arron Vaughan. The first frame was cagey until Jones fluked a red and made 37 from it to take control and close it out. The second frame was similar but no breakthrough was made until Vaughan cleared the final three colours with some excellent potting to square it up. John Shilton made breaks of 61 and 37 in taking both frames from Rich Goldby, however his opponent had a chance to take the first frame on the colours but missed a brown to the centre pocket to let Shilton in. The second frame was more decisive. Matt Milnes was made to work hard in both frames by Michael Lomas and breaks of 31 in each frame proved to be just enough to win it for the Cons player. Finally, Darren Coady continued his steady form as he knocked in 31 in clinching both frames against Miffa Smith to complete the scoring.
Alrewas B picked up a good 7-1 victory at home to Rileys A. Colin Kinsella knocked in a 30 break in taking both frames against Nigel Tomlinson and Ian Hiley did likewise against Tom Elliott. Dave Trueman also picked up maximum frames as he defeated Mark Stirling. Adam Walton shared the frames with Andy Spiers, who knocked in a 37 on the way to winning his frame.
Tony Coleman Reporting on the David Wain Insurance Division 1
Burton Cons B kept up their challenge to get into the Premier Division as the title holders got a little closer this week after they had beaten another promotion seeking team Newhall A on their home turf 5-3.  Not for the first time this season has Simon Smith been the difference between the draw or a win as he was the only player to win both frames this time beating Sam Hicks.  Both players were in good form potting wise but it was Simon’s safety play making the difference.  On the other table the match between Mark Anslow and Jason Anguish was a very close affair with only a sheet of ‘Bronco’ being the difference.  A share of the honours was a fair result.  Another shared match was the result of some very good attacking play by both players Callum Gray for Newhall and Dave Shipton for the Cons.  Tom Egginton got the league leaders over the line with a dogged display as he drew with Carl Glover who was not at his best.  Newhall at the moment seem to be falling off the pace for a promotion spot.
Swad Cons A are just starting to win their games and not drawing them as they beat bottom of the table Willington D at the Arena 6-2.  The Cons played new recruit Simon Orpwood who played many a season for SDSC D.  Simon battled well to win both frames against Adi Millington despite Adi making one or two good pots.  For the Cons Andy Grainger was in superb form as he dismantled Steve Williams in both frames with a great potting display and making the divisions highest break of the week of 53 then he followed this up with another break of 35.  As ever Willington’s captain Dave Budworth was again their most consistent performer as he took both frames off Lee Wood with a fine mixture of safety play and potting.  Despite some great safety play by Bill Davidson he was not able to prevent Paul Slater from winning both frames. Paul played solid snooker throughout the two frames.  This win keeps the Cons well in touch with the promotion bunch.
Rolleston A had a fine home win against SDSC E winning 5-3 which puts them just a little below half way.  Bobby Cliff and Nick Harcombe shared their frames in two quality games with both players getting some excellent pots.  Nick for SDSC knocked in a well made 29 break to win his frame.  Tony Rushton who of late has been playing some great snooker and this continued against Ray Stretton as he won both frames with a bit to spare.  This put the home team 3-1 ahead at the turn.  Andy Jefferies for SDSC got the score line back on level terms with a solid performance in beating Simon Heywood.  Andy made a 29 break to win his first frame.  Rolleston captain Joe Docksey got the two frames the home side needed as he beat Ray Bancroft in two tight but not inspirational frames.
Woodville S&S A shared a rather enthralling match with the result in doubt until the final black was potted with SDSC D getting a well deserved draw.  The match and some of the frames was a game of two halves.  Jim Marcer drew with Brian Bloor after a delayed start with Brian not realising that to play snooker you have to have a cue – he had to go home to get it.  Jim was in good form as he took the first frame fairly easily which included a 22 break.  Despite losing easily Brian got some nice reds but no colours.  The second frame was roles reversed with Brian winning fairly easily which included a lovely 25 clearance.  On the other table the first frame was a close game between Alan Orpwood and Andy Bloor.  Alan started off well with Andy struggling a little but the longer the game went on the more he started to influence the game.  With Alan only needing one of the last three colours Andy potted a beautiful long blue leaving him in a good position to take the pink and black for the frame which he did.  Andy controlled the second frame with some solid potting to ensure he won both frames.  This put the Snooker club 3-1 ahead at the turn and sensing victory!! Despite being the last match to start it was not the last to finish Pat Ryan won both frames against a very unlucky Dave Wain.  The first frame was a mixture of poor snooker good pots and plenty of in-offs by Dave most of which were terrible bad luck.  It seemed a frame that neither player wanted to win and it went down to the black with nerves of steel Pat Ryan calmly stroked the ball into the pocket.  The second frame was a vast improvement on the first with both players hitting a bit of form with some small breaks with Pat being safe on the brown.  The final two frames was like a snookerthon between Tony Coleman and Garton Bloor.  Tony won the first fairly easily but Garton carried on to get a feel for the table.  The second frame was a long drawn out affair with some good safety play by both players with Tony only needing one of the last four colours.  Garton produced a superb long pot on the brown and then he made an even better pot on the pink still leaving a difficult pot on the black into the yellow bag which he potted with no difficulty for a well deserved draw.  Despite the pizzas being cold through the length of the second frame everybody enjoyed the match!
Despite their poor early form Willington B have finally got their act together as they beat Alrewas C at the Arena 6-2.  First on was Jonno Hardy against Rob McMeecham. Jonno won the first frame fairly easily thanks to some good potting and Rob’s misfortune of going in-off a number of times.  The second was a much closer affair with Rob needing the pink and black to win.  He potted a nice pink but unluckily missed the black leaving Jonno an easy black.  On the other table Andy Jenkins played the man in-form at the moment Karl Hancox.  Andy took advantage of an out of sorts Karl in the first frame with a solid display of snooker beating Karl by over 50 points.  In the second frame Karl showed why he is one of most consistent players in the division as he showed a battling spirit with both players fancying their chances of winning the frame until Karl surged ahead on the colours.  This put Willington 3-1 ahead at the turn.  Steve Gaunt and Colin Wood both struggled to get going in the first frame however Steve started to find his range late on in the frame and did enough to take the first.  In the second frame Steve’s improvement continued as he easily won the second.  John Richardson of Alrewas surged into a 40 point lead against Tony Clements only for Tony to show glimpses of his old form as he came back well to win it on the pink.  The second frame was just as close until we got to the colours where John cleared the colours to the pink to give John a well deserved draw a match that both players enjoyed.
Mark Vaughan writes for Forever Mobility Division 2
Belmont C and Stapenhill B are almost at the point of promotion and played out a draw, Terry Bosworth and Glen Matthews drew with Bryan Sharratt and Andy Tomlinson, Mark Press went on next for Belmont against John Sherriff and won both to give the home team the advantage with the reliable Brian Cutting to play against Stapenhill’s Tim Knopik, the first was a close game and it was Tim who made a 27 break that was the difference and then took a close second frame to rescue his side. 
Swad Cons B also entertained a side close to promotion, Rolleston C, The first four frames were shared and Jake Mole put the Swad team in front by taking the first frame, Lionel Lewis coming back in the second with a 25 break to take it, the performance of the night had to go to Rolleston’s Kev Norris who took both frames including a 22 clearance against Swad’s Vince Draper to give the win to the away team. 
Tutbury B have had a rough ride lately moving out of the promotion places to fourth in the league, they came up against the team in fifth place in what turned out to be a good natured close game, first up for Tutbury was Graham Fisher who has made a welcome return to league snooker this year and faced Belmont’s Brett Craddock, in two close games the frames were shared, while on the other table Dave Brady started off potting everything against the Belmont captain Mark Vaughan, slowly the Belmont man got back into the game and took it and then won the second easily and ended with a 28 clearance to the black to give Belmont a 3-1 lead, Micky Morris then faced Tutbury’s John Peto and again it was the Tutbury man who went in front, but as so often this season it was the Belmont man who came back to take both, Jeff Siddalls then faced Tom Holland who potted well, and in two close games Jeff did enough to take them both which was not enough to stop another Belmont D 5-3 win. 
Alrewas D turned in yet another good performance this time against Swad Cons D, Tony Trueman got Alrewas off to a good start by taking a frame off the Swad captain Gaz Ward while on the other table a man who has played excellently all season for the Swad team, Bob Birch faced the ever improving Shaun Tubbert who made a 24 break in one frame which almost proved enough to take a frame but in the end Bob took both to give the Swad team a 3-1 lead which was as good as it got for them as Alrewas turned on the style with Dave Riley and Tom Smith winning all there frames for a 5-3 Alrewas win. 
Riley’s B had a good battle against Ashby Ivanhoe D, Marie Bridges got the girls off to a flyer by taking two frames off Roy Hickman, Ashby’s senior Bale team member Jack got his team back in it by defeating Gilda Horvath, Clare Roulstone then shared the honours with Tim Bale, leaving the result hanging on the last match between Kate Stirling and Ashby’s Jason Collins, it was a close affair but Jason came out on top to earn the victory 5-3, this game marked a first in the league as far as I know, the Ashby team has had to play away twice at Riley’s because of Ashby club rules not allowing ladies into their snooker room. 
Rolleston B entertained Woodville S&S B Neil Cheadle got the home team on the board by beating Wayne Allen but Terry Eyley hit back for the visitors by beating Dave Bentley, Jack Gallagher then managed to hold John Ward to a draw leaving the game on the last match between Rolleston’s Steve Atkin against Mark Gallagher which turned out to be two hard fought frames in which the Woodville man came out on top to give his team a 5-3 away win. 
Swad Cons C had a bit of a mix up and ended up playing Burton Cons D on one table to allow a scheduled doubles match to be played which was good of all players, the result went to the away team Burton’s Ian Protheroe and Paul Brooks took all there frames with Al Munnien getting the draw against John Griffin for the 5-3 win, for the home team John Petcher took two against Simon Malpass.