2014-15: Week 5

Owen Jones writes for the Just Wood Premier Division.
League matters again took centre stage in the Burton and District Snooker League. In the Premier Division, Ivanhoe B won another close match against Belmont B. Ivan Birkin won the first frame comfortably against Miffa Smith but had to grind in the second to take it on the final black. Ivanhoe new boy Daz Brown was unlucky to lose both frames on the pink and black against Michael Lomas. Arron Vaughan won a hard fought first frame against Bren Mattley but the honours ended even as Mattley won the second. Jason Pickering proved to be the decisive factor as he won both frames against Rich Goldby quite comfortably to leave the final score 5-3.
Rileys A continued their good form as they defeated Swadlincote Snooker Centre B 5-3. Ade Harper and Ben Davies shared the frames in a tight encounter. Mark Satchwell then took both frames against Any Spiers to put the visitors in front. Nigel Tomlinson then knocked in a 27 in taking both frames against Pete Maguire and Mark Stirling knocked in a 41 in defeating Graham Bailey to clinch the win.
Alrewas A hosted Burton Cons A in what turned out to be a one sided affair. Phil Marklew was absent which proved to be a big loss for the Legion side. Will Sherratt was first up against Stuart Roberts. The Cons player compiled a break of 46 and potted confidently to take both frames to put the visitors in front. John Sharpe played Darren Coady on the other table. Coady potted well at key times to take both frames. The second half began with Alan Wilson playing Matt Milnes. Wilson was blown away by breaks of 40 and 44 as Milnes won both frames easily. Finally, Roy Sherratt played Owen Jones. The first frame was scrappy and Jones took it with some good potting. The second was more straight forward and left the final score at 8-0 to the champions.
Ivanhoe A picked up a 5-3 victory away at struggling Willington A. Bill Stewart shared the frames with Mick Kirk to open proceedings. Daz Lester then played solid snooker to take both frames against Ian Rennocks. Dean Johnston had no answer to Ant Moore and Andy Marriott knocked in breaks of 37 and 36 in winning both frames against Alan Davies to clinch the win.
Belmont A won impressively at home against Stapenhill A. Wayne Brewin knocked in a 32 on the way to beating Chris Sheldrake. Josh Gebbie potted confidently to beat Mark Waldron and father Shaun Gebbie followed suit as he defeated Andy Gretton. The final game saw Fran McInulty share the frames with Steve Ford to leave the final score 7-1.
An entertaining game at South Derbshire Snooker Centre saw SDSC A just edge it on the night. Adam Walton and Chris Dewey shared their frames with both of them going to the final few colours. Steve Ayre took both off Carl Poulton potting the crucial balls when they mattered. Poulton could have easily won 2-0 himself, losing the first on the black and the second on the pink. Andy Goldingay was in fine form against Dave Trueman restricting him to few chances and tying up both frames with ease. Ian Hiley took both against John Davies in a high quality potting match that saw Hiley build leads in both frames that Davies couldn’t claw back.
Tony Coleman reporting on David Wain Insurance Division 1
In the top of the table clash between the two Burton Cons teams B & C it was the B team that came away the happier as they hammered the C team 7-1.  The night started badly for Jim Jennings of the C team with a poor break which allowed his opponent Simon Smith an unexpected opening of four reds and four blacks and was in prime position to make more but unfortunately missed the next pot.  This was followed by a bout of good safety play by both players.  Simon tried to build on his lead but hit a brick wall in the shape of Jim who kept chipping away at Simon’s lead to get within 19 points but made a mistake allowing Simon to knock in a 21 break and Jim conceded on the blue.  Simon then took the second frame in similiar style to the first with Jim conceding on the brown.  Jason Anguish beat Ian Shrive in two close frames.  Jason deserved the win as he potted the more individual balls winning both frames on the pink thus putting the B team 4-0 in front at the turn.  Dave Shipton played a great first frame of snooker to beat the in-form Mick Buckland with some great potting.  The second frame could have gone either way if Dave had taken his chances on the lower colours but Mick with a superb pink with the cue ball travlling the full length of the table to land perfectly on the black which he potted.  Mick’s frame prevented the league leaders being whitewashed.  The final frames of the night was between Dave Plunkett and Steve Castledine.  According to Dave they were two poor frames which he won on the pink and blue respectively.
Swad Cons A had a rather emphatic win at home to Rolleston A winning 6-2.  Rolleston at the moment seem to be struggling to get to grips with the higher division although with the team that they have they are more than capable of getting back to winning ways. Andy Grainger who at the moment is playing some terrific snooker played well within himself to take both frames against Bobby Cliff. Mark Hadley another player for the Cons who also appears to be in good form as he knocked a cracking 30 break in one of his frames beating Richard O’Dell 2-0.  Lee Wood carried on the good work as he beat Simon Davies with a solid performance.  The only downside for the Cons was the loss of both frames by their dependable skipper Paul Slater.  Paul came up against a determined Tony Rushton who played a very tactical game to win both frames.  This win puts the Cons into fourth place.
Congratulations to Willington D as they won their first game of the season away to SDSC D winning 5-3.  The Power boys were given a fine start thanks to Bill Davidson taking both frames in a highly entertaining game with John Chambers.  Both players playing some good safety play.  Adi Millington backed up Bill as he drew with the Division Sponsor David Wain in two tight frames with both players missing some opportunities to take the two frames.  This put Willington 3-1 ahead at the turn.  David Budworth as consistent as ever won the two frames that the team required for the win as he comfortably beat Garton Bloor with a fine display of potting. Andy Bloor added a bit more respectability to the scoreline as he beat Stephen Williams who was playing his first game for the club. I am sure this win will be the impetus for their season to improve.
Another close win for Woodville S&S A as they just managed to beat Newhall A 5-3 but the result was in doubt until the final black was potted.  Martin Hicks was in superb form in both frames against gentleman Jim Marcer winning both frames.  In the first frame Martin potted some cracking pots rarely missing anything.  Jim was just managing to hold on to his shirt tails and had the chance to win the frame with a total clearance but broke down on the brown.  The second frame Martin continued his potting display leaving Jim scratching his head as to how he could stop Martin but he could not.  Alan Orpwood managed to beat Lee Sherratt in both frames but in the first frame Alan was 24 points in front until Lee knocked in a well constructed 30 break with some very good pots into the middle bag and favourite to win the frame.  Alan managed to steal the frame on the colours.  In the second frame Big Al was in serious potting form getting a number of small but significant breaks to win fairly comfortably.  Tony Coleman potted well in the first frame as his opponent Carl Glover conceded with two reds still left on the table.  In the second frame Carl got his act together to win on the blue.  Carl was helped by a nice 17 break.  Pat Ryan as is the norm at the moment managed to get Woodville over the line but only just as he won both frames with Mark Anslow.  The first frame Pat missed very little with Mark conceding on the colours.  The second frame was a really close affair with Mark managing to keep his nose in front almost to the end but he had not banked on ‘pot shot Ryan’.  Mark through good safety and potting only needed one of the last four balls but Pat potted brown, blue, pink but missed the pot on the black but it ran safe.  Mark played a good safety shot but not good enough as Pat stroked the black into the yellow pocket much to the delight of this team mates.
SDSC E had a very good win at home against the inconsistent Alrewas C as they won 5-3.  SDSC could not have been given a better start.  Nick Harcombe played some great snooker as he took both frames off John Richardson fairly comfortably with some great pots.  It is not very often that John loses both frames in a season.  Tony Mitchell carried on the excellent work with a solid display of both potting and safety play despite Robert McMeecham’s valiant efforts to stop him.  With Tony winning both frames this put his side 4-0 ahead at the turn.  Karl Hancox for Alrewas started the recovery as he won both frames in a very tight match with Andy Jefferies.  It was left to Ray Bancroft not for the first time this season to get his team over the line as he shared the frames with Tommy Wright in two extremely tactical frames.
In the battle of the inter club derby between Willington C & B teams it was the C team who came away with the bragging rights as they won 5-3.  Loz Kennerson got the C team off to a fine start by taking both frames in an entertaining and closely fought match with Dave Mawhinney with both players playing some good safety.  Lee Cooke and John Hardy shared their frames with both players missing some chances to win the frames.  Steve Butterworth and Tony Clements had two fairly quick frames of snooker with potting the balls being the order of the day with the honours being deservedly shared.  Steve Lane and Trevor Heath also shared the frames With Steve winning the frame it gave the C team the win which moves them up to fifth in the Division.
Mark Vaughan writes for Forever Mobility division 2
Belmont D faced last week’s presidents cup opponents Rolleston B which turned out to be as close as the previous encounter, Ross Hollis went on against Rolleston’s John Ward and took the first at a canter, the second frame was a different affair with John coming back from 27 behind to earn a respot black and then pot it brilliantly to earn himself a draw. Mark Vaughan on the other table went 40 points behind to comeback and clear the table to the black to then miss a simple black to give Neil a half chance which he took, the Belmont man fared better in the second frame taking it comfortably to get a draw. Mick Morris went on next for Belmont and showed some classy play to take two frames off Steve Atkin to give Belmont a 4-2 lead going into the last match. Tom Holland against Rolleston’s Dave Bentley, the first frame was nip and tuck until Tom took a twenty point lead with the colours on, Dave then potted brilliantly to get down to the pink which he took with a great long shot to win the first leaving the result hanging on the last frame, Tom went in front again with Dave coming good in the latter stages. Tom then came to the table on the green and cleared the table with a brilliant 25 break to win on the black and give Belmont the victory.
Burton Cons D and Woodville S&S B are two teams improving week on week and enjoyed a close match, Burton’s Paul Brooks went down to Mark Gallagher while on the other table Simon Malpass defeated Woodville’s Terry Eley to level the score, Burton’s Nathan Brooks took the next two frames from Jack Gallagher, but Woodville’s Bill Hunt took the first frame to give his team a chance of a draw, it was the Burton man Ian Protheroe who got in first and won the frame and match for his team.
Ivanhoe D were brought back to earth by Tutbury B after a great start to the match, Jason Collins put a frame on the board by drawing with Tutbury’s Paul Atterbury, but this was as good as it got for the home team as Tutbury’s John Peto, Colin Bell and Jeff Siddalls won all there frames for a 7-1 victory.
Stapenhill B carried on their winning ways by beating Swad Cons C 6-2 at home with Greg Britton knocking in a good 30 break in the two frames he took off Jon Petcher, John Sheriff also won two from Swad’s Ron Kendrick, Dan Petcher and John Griffin got one a piece for Swad cons.
Swad Cons D took on Belmont C and it turned out to be a great game, Andy Boam went down 2-0 to Belmont’s Terry Bosworth and Brian Cutting drew with Swad’s Kieran Dadley for a Belmont 3-1 lead. Gaz Ward then played brilliantly making breaks of 33 and 36 against Glen Mathews to win both frames leaving Dave Bodie to play Belmont’s captain Dave Press, after a close encounter it ended in a draw as did the match.
Riley’s B team are beginning to find their feet in the league and results will hopefully follow their hard work, the result of 7-1 against Rolleston C did not reflect the closeness of the game, Marie Bridges got the frame for Riley’s with Gilda and Yvonne holding there own in close games.