2015-16: Week 7

From Presidents week Mike Buckland reports on the Division 1 Baulk-line.com Presidents Handicap Cup
At The Alrewas Arena, it was The Legion’s C team that made light work of dismantling Newhall A and booked a place In The Division One Semi Final. Karl Hancox, fresh from a long holiday, looked like he had never been away and defeated Martin Hurdman comfortably. On the other table John Richardson put Carl Glover to the sword. The miracle of coming back from a 4-0 deficit never looked likely as floater Tom Smith beat Martin Hicks and Colin Wood defeated Sam Hicks. The last two frames were not required. 
The Alrewas B team on the other hand were beaten on the Thursday by Chimneys B. John Sharpe opened nicely for The A38 boys by beating Mike Smith and then Roy Sherratt grabbed a draw against Dave Malwhinney. In the second half though Alrewas turned on the power, with Trevor Heath(currently top of the league averages) beating Alan Wilson. On the other baize Tony Clements won nicely against Gary Green.
Over at Swad, Burton Cons C produced an impressive 5-3 win against the hosts, Belmont D. Micky Morris produced his usual solid form in beating The Cons’ captain, Ian Shrive but Matt Hucker levelled for the Cons by beating Mark Vaughan. Steve Castledine seems to be improving the more reluctant he is to play..this time he beat Tom Holland. In the final game, Brett Craddock won the first versus wily Tom Egginton but the veteran Cons cueist managed to battle back and ensured a happy trip back to Burton for The Cons C.
SDSC C carried their excellent league form in to the cup and defeated Rolleston A comfortably 6-2. Henry Tomas beat Bobby Cliff whilst Simon Shilton scored 2 more versus Luke Speed. Joe Docksey showed some resistance for Rolleston in beating Carl Hyde but Ben Davies ensured the win for the Swad boys, beating Mike Doyle.
In the semi-finals Burton ConsC (T) will host SDSC C and Alrewas C(T) will host The Chimneys C(T). Both games are on Tuesday 15th Dec.
Week 7

Owen Jones writes for the David Wain Insurance Premier Division.
Belmont B picked up a good win at home against Burton Cons B. Arron Vaughan was first up against Mike Buckland. Vaughan was put to the sword by Buckland, who won both frames with some good potting. Graham Bailey won the first against Dave Plunkett in a frame that could have easily gone the other way. The Cons player responded with some good potting to take the second. Rich Goldby, who is in fine form, then won both frames against Dave Shipton with some good match play. Finally, Martin Smith played Simon Smith in a very entertaining encounter with both players knocking in some great pots. The Belmont player had enough to win both frames and earn the 5-3 victory for the hosts.
Chimney’s A hosted Tutbury A and it was the visitors who left with a 5-3 victory. Daz Lester was first up against Steve Hathaway. Both players potted well to earn a frame each. Bill Stewart found Steve Mabbott too good on the night as he lost both frames. Alan Davies and Chris Mabbott showed some good play in taking a frame each. Gaz Barker needed to win both frames to force a draw but could only manage one against Dave Mabbott, whose frame clinched the victory.
A high quality match took place at Ashby as Ivanhoe A hosted Belmont A. Daniel Blunn was first up against Ian Archer. The Belmont man is in fine form and won both frames aided by a 35 break. Ian Rennocks knocked in 31 in winning the first against Josh Gebbie, but his opponent came back well to win the second. Mick Kirk missed a tricky red to middle when a century beckoned as he made a lovely 77 break to win the first frame against Wayne Brewin. However, Brewin won a scrappy second frame by doubling the pink the full length of the table. Ant Moore needed to win both frames against Shaun Gebbie and he did just that to secure a draw for the hosts.
Chimney’s B won 5-3 away at in-form Swadlincote Snooker Centre A. Mark Satchwell made a good start for the hosts by winning both frames against Dean Johnston. Chris Dewey and Steve Lane played out two good frames with both players potting well to take a frame each. Steve Butterworth potted very well to take both frames against Steve Ayre and Loz Kennerson showed what a good player he is by knocking in a 45 to win both frames against John Davis to secure the victory for the visitors.
Swad Cons A won a close match at home to Alrewas A. Simon Orpwood was first up and he potted well to defeat Dave Trueman. Lee Wood and Adam Walton both potted well to pinch a frame each. Andy Grainger showed some good play in beating the dangerous Ian Hiley. Finally, Carl Poulton knocked in some great balls to take both frames from Paul Slater to leave the match score at 5-3 to the hosts.
Burton Cons A were in good form on the night as they won 8-0 against Spot On A. John Shilton was first up against Ade Harper and the Cons player won both frames with some good play. On the other table, two potters went head to head as Owen Jones played Nigel Tomlinson. Both players had a go and Jones just about came out on top in both, aided by a 30 break. Darren Coady then played out two good quality frames with Steve Brimley. Coady potted key balls at the right time to take both frames. Finally, Matt Milnes played Mark Stirling. Milnes was in fine form as he knocked in a 67 and a string of other fine pots to win both frames and put the seal on a great win.
Stapenhill A hosted Ivanhoe B and the sides could not be separated. Andy Gretton and John Skellett both took a frame each and Stuart Tagg won both against Steve Ford to put the visitors in a strong position. Carl Jeffcoate and Brendon Mattley then potted well to win a frame each. Andy Tomlinson needed to win both frames to force a draw against Jason Pickering. Tomlinson knocked in a 36 break on the way to winning the frames and earned a hard fought draw for his team.
Mike Buckland reports on Division 1
Alrewas B finally got their first win of the season by beating Burton Cons C 5-3. In a very tight all round match,Lee Louch provided the highlight with a 33 versus Alan Wilson. He was unable to win both though as Alan drew 1-1 as did Roy Sherratt and John Sharpe for Alrewas with Matt Hucker and Ian Shrive respectively. Will Sherratt made the difference on the night by beating the previously unbeaten Tom Egginton thereby tightening up the division even further and putting a dent in the Cons’ promotion hopes.
At the other end of the table, Swad Snooker Centre’s C team kept up their 100% record with a 6-2 win over Belmont D. Simon Shilton and Micky Morris produced 2 good frames of snooker in which a draw was a fair result. On the other table Henry Tomas was just a bit too good for Tom Holland who might have grabbed a draw on another night. Carl Hyde and Mark Vaughan then shared two good games with Carl winning the first on the black and then Mark potting very well in frame two. the game was decided by Pete Maguire’s win over Brett Craddock. Brett was very unlucky to go in off the blue and left Pete to clear up in the first, which he duly did. The second was a virtual carbon copy with Pete potting a good black to win it and the match.
The 5-3 specialists Chimneys C produced that scoreline for the 7th time out of 7 but this time it was in a defeat to Rolleston B. Lionel Lewis opened up with a fine 2-0 win over AndyJenkins whilst Bob Tubey and John Hardy had a hard fought draw on the other table. In the second half there were wins for Rolleston’s John Harvey over the usually reliable Tony Clements and Chimneys Steve Gaunt over Kev Norris. Steve included a good 32 as he went but it was to no avail.
Over at Newhall, SDSC B could only raise 3 players and so were always in trouble but they also found the home team in fine form.Swad’s Ray Bancroft won one of his against Martin Hurdman but that was as good as it got with Martin Hicks putting in a lovely 35 on the way to beating Andy Jeffries.Sam Hicks then comfortably beat Phil Maddocks to leave Newhall nicely above the relegation zone.
Over at Belmont there was a hard fought draw between the C team and Ivanhoe C. Belmont were hoping that the inclusion of floater Shaun Gebbie might help their cause but he came up against a determined Jerry Cook, also with much Premier Division experience and draw was about right. Doug Lees and Gaz Dolman also fought out a drawn match. Earlier Ivanhoe captain Darren Wilson played well to beat Brian Cutting whilst Terry Bosworth had defeated Barry Fieldsend.
Alrewas C pushed themselves into a promotion position with a fine 6-2 win over Rolleston A.They raced into a 4-0 half time lead with wins for John Richardson and Rob McMeecham over James Wilkinson and Mike Doyle. Captain Karl Hancox included a lovely 34 on his way to beating Luke Speed before the R’s captain Joe Docksey brought some respectability to the scoreline by seeing off Colin Wood.
Tutbury B and Stapenhill B fought out a tight contest which could have gone either way.The battle between two of the Division’s in form players went the way of Jonathan Swift over Colin Bell whilst Dave Brady and Colin Britton shared the spoils.Jeff Siddalls then got Tutbury back in the match with a win over John Sherriff. In the final game there was nothing to separate Paul Atterbury and Tim Knopik so their game and the match ended in draws.
Mick Buckland roving reporter for Division 2
In the Swad Cons derby it was the “away ” team, the B, that had the bragging rights with a thumping 7-1 win. Paul Hollis provided the highlight with a nice 28 in his win over Jon Petcher. John Griffin offered the only resistance as he snatched a frame by drawing with Bob McNulty. Elsewhere there were wins for Jake Mole over Peter Fearn and Gerald White over Pete Griffin.
At Woodville, the Division’ early season favourites Spot On C came away with a comfortable 6-2 win. Sean Bates included a 23 and a 25 in his win over Mark Gallagher hardly making a mistake.Denis Moore and Billy Newman then shared their two frames including a 21 and 24 respectively before Terry Eyley and Ben Menzies also drew, Ben having a good 20 along the way.Jared Cronje then finished off the evening of 20 plus breaks knocking in a 21 and a 26 on his way to defeating Wayne Allen.
The other Woodville side were also dismantled 6-2 as their A team went down away at Burton Cons D . Jim Jennings showed his old class to defeat Bob Brooks whilst grandson Nathan Brooks drew in a tight game with Alan Orpwood. Al Munnien and Pat Ryan then shared as well before Ian Protheroe poured on the style with an impressive win over the very consistent Jim Marcer.
Down the A38 at Willington, the Chimneys D team were beaten by the Bloor Collective of SDSC D. Not for the first time it was Andy Bloor who made the difference by securing a win versus Andy Holloway. Brian and Garton had earlier drawn with Adi Millington and Bill Davidson whilst David Wain also drew with  Brian Alford.
The Baulkline boys from Sapperton faced a European style trip over to Ashby to face the Ivanhoe D team. They had an enjoyable journey home though as they triumphed 7-1. There wins for Wayne Smith, Tom Lucas and John Sully against Roy Hickman, Keith Bale and R. Tredger whilst Tony Tredger was able to offer the only highlight of the evening for Ashby by grabbing a frame off of Matt Brown.
Over at Rolleston it was Alrewas D who came away with the bonus winning point in a narrow 5-3 win over the home club’s C team. Dave Riley beat Aaron Doyle whilst Neil Cheadle and Tony Trueman shared another close game. In the second half Dave Bentley pulled the home side back into the match by beating Brian Aldridge. But it was the Legionnaires talisman Tom Smith who brought the Alrewas boys home by defeating Steve Atkin.
The Snookerettes of Spot On B fell just short again in another 5-3 defeat – this time against Swad Cons D…this being their 4th defeat by the closest of margins-surely a win is just around the corner.Marie Bridges shared two close games with Bob Birch whilst Claire Roulstone and Dave Bodie were also too close to separate. Yvonne Spendlove and Andy Boam also drew to leave the outcome of the match on the game between Kate Stirling and Kieran Dadley. It was Kieran who just had too much on the night for Kate and so the match and the extra winning bonus point went to the Swad Boys