2016 AGM news and update

AGM 2016 was held successfully.  Please note the following items that were agreed at the AGM:

Premier Blinds Orme Shield/Orme Plate

This continues as a 4 player team competition, however it is now 8 single frames with a doubles decider. The draw is to be done in 2 parts: 4 singles, 4 singles. Doubles decider if necessary. The draw of all 8 singles and 1 doubles decider must be done in advance of the match starting. A new Orme matchcard will be circulated to teams.

Rule 3 change

Rule 3 has been modified. It is the captain’s responsibility to make sure that all members who play for their team are members of the club they play in. Rule 3 has been changed to make clear the penalty for teams playing players who are not club members.

Election of officers

President: Tony Coleman
Vice President: Mark Vaughan
Chairman: Mike Buckland
Vice Chairman: Tom Egginton
Treasurer: Vacant (Mike Buckland acting)
Secretary: Carl Poulton
Fixtures & Competitions Secretary: Carl Poulton
Standing Committee: Peter Maguire – Linda Harrison – Kate Stirling Owen Jones – Ian Shrive – Paul Slater Mick Kirk – Dave Budworth