Admin: Updating league results

To update league results do the following:

  1. Go to Admin: Results
  2. Select the season, division, week and fixture
  3. Select the players for each match and add the score (you only need to add the homescore as the awayscore is worked out)
  4. Add any breaks. If more than one break for a player separate with a semi colon, eg. 65;78
  5. If player absent choose the (absent) option in the player drop downs
  6. If there is a new player on the card that isn’t in the season then do the following:
    a) Check if that player is in the Unique Players list. If the player already exists then we do not have to add him as  a new player to the league.
    b) If the player doesn’t exist in the Unique Player list then they have never played in the league before and need adding. Go to Admin: Basics…Unique Players and add them
    c) Now the unique player is in the database we can now assign them to a team. Go to Admin: Players by Season and Team.  Click Add Players by Team and Season. Choose the new unique player name and choose the team. The current season will be shown at the top of the page with a number (16  for example). That number is important as you want to select the team for that player with that number prefixed for the team.
  7. Click Save. The system will validate the result and tell you in the box below if there’s a problem.