Admin: Notes on setting up a new season

This page gives the instructions for how to set up a new season from scratch.

To set up the season, division, teams and fixtures for the division do this:

  1. Add a new season: Admin: Basics..Season. Change the previous season from Open to Closed. Add the new season as Open
  2. Add any new clubs that may be taking part – never delete clubs that may no longer exist as they were still open in previous seasons. Admin: Basics…Clubs. Add the club details.  To create a MapId go to Google Maps and type in the postcode. Click ‘Share’ and in the dialog box that opens choose ‘Embed Map’, ‘Medium’ and copy the link that is produced into the MapId box.
  3. Add all the teams who are playing in that season: Admin: Basics…Teams. Add all the teams to the new season and make sure the right club is selected for each team.
  4. Add all the divisions for that season: Admin: Basics…Divisions. Add the division name, the start date for the first fixture, add the Ranking Pts for the division, 1000 for Prem, 2000, 3000 etc…, add the number of teams that will be in the division, add the sponsor. If a new sponsor add the sponsor to the system Admin: Basics…Sponsors
  5. Add the division sort order: Admin: Basics…Division Sort Order. This is the sort order for the divisions as it can be changed. Read the instructions at the top of this page carefully. For the new season add 4 sort orders.
  6. Add the teams to a division. Admin: Teams in Division. This adds the teams playing in that season to the division that they will be playing in. For each Team when you click add choose the new season name and the relevant division name.
  7. Fixtures

To add the player and team tournaments for the new season (do this after new season added):

  1. To add all the tournaments: Admin: Basics…Tournaments. Click the Add button and add the tournament name. Handicapped is 1 for Yes and 0 for No. Format is: 0 Singles, 1 Doubles, 2 Team tournament, 3 Billiards. If a new sponsor add the sponsor to the system Admin: Basics…Sponsors